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The phenomenon of human behaviour has always confounded humankind. Because as rightly perceived, the attitude and behaviour of individuals in different situations of life determines the course of his or her future quality of life. That’s when the need of psychology as the science of human mind, its function and behaviour comes into focus. From time immemorial we humans make attempts to analyze and to formulate ideal behaviour patterns which help each individual to exist in harmony with the other. 

The need of psychology emerges at this juncture. Being the science of mind and behaviour, the time tested and proven psychological methods help bring out the potentialities and capabilities of an individual by restoring emotional stability and maturity of character. 
Correct selection and application of psychology, improves mental health in its optimum level so that the individual achieves the skill to recover from the paralyzing stresses of life quickly, judges situations accurately, maintains healthy relationships, does his work in serenity and satisfies natural instincts in a way that does not hurt him/her and others. 

Psycho social stress emanating from faulty perceptions of people and situations based on unrealistic thought patterns and irrational judgments on oneself and others is a crippling occurrence in many lives.  

In brief, the psychological methods and techniques employed correctly and suitably results in the evolution of a psyche that is free from conflicts and distress in such a way that the individual lives a harmonious life.     


Trained psychologists assist and guide clients to resolve psychological conflicts and stresses based various psychological methods


Psychometric tests are conducted by competent psychologists to measure the mental capabilities and behavioral patterns of individuals in order to modify and improve their cognitive abilities and enhance their life skills to its potential.


Teenage counselling is offered in order to help young individuals to rationally analyze their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, desires and ambitions especially of conflicting nature aimed at facing and resolving distressing situations by selecting correct alternatives that results in feelings of contentment and happiness

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Career Counselling

Scientific and proven methods of counselling is offered to individuals making them aware of their strengths and weaknesses while providing expert guidance, moral support and positive attitude which would help them select the suitable career and find success     

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