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शिशुर्वेत्ति पशुर्वेत्ति वेत्ति गान रसं फणि: 

Music is enjoyed by babies, animals and even snakes.

Music is a transcendental experience.

Even before human began to speak, music was existing. Caveman used gestures to express emotions and feelings. After hunting for prey, they would relax with sounds. Then they started to shout and make different voices to express their feelings and emotions. Slowly music started fascinating and soothing their souls. They invented different instruments made of wood, stones, stringed nerves of animals etc. Hence music was began even before man began to speak.

Lyfistry’s Aarabhi Music Seminary aims in promoting authentic classical music. This is the platform where classical musicians and teachers can share their knowledge through teaching, writing articles blogs etc. Students who aspire to learn classical music will get well trained and experienced teachers by Registering with us.

Indian Music

In India, classical music is a synthesis of art, literature, science, mythology, religion, and philosophy. Indian Music is broadly classified into two

  1. Hindustani music: Hindustani music evolved out of influence of Persian and Islamic music and practiced predominantly in North India.

  2. Carnatic music: Carnatic music is practiced in South India evolved out of ancient Hindu traditions.




Register with us! We will help you in spreading the light of music to the world. We would assist you in connecting to aspiring students who are in search for a teacher like you to learn classical music.

Only qualified classical musicians/teachers may register.

(Certificate/ Diploma/ Bachelor/ Masters/Doctorate in classical music)

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